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5   Stars *****
Oct 29, 2016
Incrediby accurate
Christine was right on target with her insights and messages; a couple of times I was actually stunned. She helped me see a path to forgiveness and acceptance, plus hope for the future. Would I recommend her to anyone? You bet I would!
5 Stars ***** 
Sep 22, 2016
Life changing
If you are even second guessing this visit,please don't! I went to see her more for my fiance than myself. He doesn't really believe in this stuff so I made an appointment for myself just so he would make one. He was able to speak with his mom. He left a believer and with so many answers to questions that went un answered for over 10 years. The baggage he walked around with for over 10 years he was set free from! This has had a huge positive impact on our relationship. I am so great full!!
Rebecca Bowman
5  Stars *****
Oct 22, 2016
Wonderful experience
Christine is not only a true, excellent psychic, but she's also a genuinely great person! My husband and I went for an hour reading and could have stayed all day not just talking about our reading, but even just having a general conversation with her. She makes you feel so welcomed and comfortable and is the type of person who makes you feel good to be around. We can't wait for our next reading. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.
Bill H
5 Stars *****   
Nov 3, 2016
You Won't Be Disappointed - Ms. Extraordinaire
Christine is phenomenal, extraordinaire. Had a reading several years ago-not Christine, was extremely disappointed-a history lesson of mediumship rather than what I expected. Right out of the gate, Christine hit on so many truths-I shared nothing with her about me. I think I surprised her as well. What was incredibly more interesting was that she was told she was going to meet me soon and that shocked me. But then it didn't because I know - that inner voice we all have in us.Thank You Christine
5 Stars ***** 
Sep 9, 2016
Very comforting
I was very satisfied with the conversation and her calming nature. Loved how she really had insight into family and connections/relationships. Although my life is surrounded by short term chaos, she was able to see through that to the end results and that was comforting. Also knowing my late husband is near and guiding is satisfying, I had already seen signs of that. She didn't rush and spent more time when needed. I will absolutely return and highly recommend.
5 Stars *****
Aug 19, 2016
From Within
Christine is amazing! Time spent with her was like communicating with someone I'd known my whole life. My experience was so beneficial that I told my daughter to make an appointment right away because I know Christine will deliver the message she needs to hear to help her in an area of life that she's struggling with.
Ira Thomas
5 Stars *****   
Jun 18, 2016
An Outstanding Experience
I was very impressed with Christine she was very caring very professional and she took the time to go over every little detail she answered questions that I was prepared to ask I didn't even have to ask them. she also went past the one hour reading time that shows that she really does care about her clients and getting the complete message across. I walked away for my reading knowing which direction I have to go. I am glad I came across Christine because usually I travel to L.I. For readings
5 Stars *****  
Jan 7, 2016
Guidance, peace of mind and a lot of heart.
Meeting with Christine was quite the experience. I felt nervous and scared as to what I'd hear. It wasn't all sunshine and roses, but it was like a therapy session. I came out on the outside feeling optimistic and excited for the future. She has such a calming way about her. It's nothing she says or does, it's just her presence. I'm grateful for her compassion and her focus to worry about me. It's incredible to hear the things she knows before you even speak. I highly recommend her.
5 Stars *****
Jun 12, 2016
Highly recommend
I called Christine as a returning client and left a message that I needed to see her. She called me right back and got me in the following day. She spent and hour and a half with me and had a firm grip on exactly what I was going through, the people involved and who was feeling what. I left there with clarity and felt much better about what was ahead of me. She's consistently accurate. I'd highly recommend her.
Gerald Goff
5 Stars *****
Jan 5, 2016
Brilliant and caring
Talking with Christine was like talking with a wise woman who didn't hold back any punches. She told it like it is and didn't sugar coat anything. However, she also explained just what one had to do in order to recover from past mistakes, if at all possible. She's the real article. If you want to go to someone who will tell you exactly what you want to hear, then go some where else. If you want the truth, visit Christine.
5  Stars *****
Oct 30, 2016
Going to see Christine was probably the best thing I've done for myself in almost a year. I'd highly recommend going to see her to anyone. One meeting with her helped me much more than any therapy session and I felt content and calm after I left, which I hadn't felt in a long time. She helped me contact three people I've lost and it was a life changing experience.
5 Stars  ***** 
Nov 11, 2016
Great Experience
What a wonderful experience. Christine is the real deal! The reading allowed me to connect with loved ones who have passed and hear words of encouragement and support that are helping guide me positive ways. I highly recommend spending time with Christine and look forward to my next reading.

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