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Introducing Jewelry by ChristineS

So I started a Jewelry Company! I have worked with so many clients that miss their loved ones and they would tell me how they find change. So, I thought to myself, "what about a line of beautiful quality in memory jewelry! Here we are, my new line! Click the link or the logo to visit the site! I hope you enjoy the desings as much as we love creating them!

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Video Testimonials

October 30, 2019
first radio show 

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Intuitive Medium Christine
1811 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203

518-915-9119 (text or call)
[email protected]

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?Who is Christine
Christine was born in Brooklyn, NY and is now the mother of two teenage girls. She currently lives in Loudonville, NY with her children. Christine is a psychic, medium and a life coach

Her abilities began when she was a small child. She remembers how she would tell her Grandmother predictions and they would happen. Standing and looking out the window as a child (5 years old) and telling her that the truck and car that were steadily approaching each other were going to collide.... and moments later they did. Needless to say her Grandmother kept her away from the window after that incident

As a child it is very hard to understand why you know what is going to happen before it actually happens. So, we run from our psychic abilities and try to ignore them. Her Grandmother would not allow her to run as the gift was inherited directly from her. So, as a teenager it was embraced and she learned all .she could from the wonderful teacher that was lucky enough to also be her Grandmother

So here we are today. Fully embraced with who she is and what she stands for, helping as many people as she can along the way. It's not just a reading it's a life changing experience

Amazing just Amazing
Christine managed to pull off the unthinkable and moved me in the right direction which words can't express the appreciation I have for her gift. She shared feedback with me that only I and my lovely wife would know and that had me waking up with a smile and confidence that my wife is around. Move over Long Island Teresa cause you have some major competition up here in the Capital District. If you want to experience a heart felt meeting, go see Christine!!! Thanks Christine I'll be back !

Chris C. 
July 21, 2016

Here is where it began!

Welcome to Intuitive Medium Christine - The trusted Medium in Albany NY. Also doing readings in New York City.

In life, there are times we encounter events and situations where we find ourselves at a crossroads, not knowing which path to take and which choices to make. In times like these, we often look to loved ones we trust the most, like our parents, grandparents and other loved ones. However, what if the questions can only be answered by a loved one that has moved on? What if we want to take a peek into our future in order to find the answers we seek and the guidance we need in order to ensure we're taking the right steps forward?

If you're in new York, or other states throughout the country, and are seeking the trusted guidance of a genuine Psychic medium Albany NY folks rely on for honest help and direction, you couldn't have come to a better place! Christine is available to do phone readings in New York City and across the globe, using facetime, skype or simply over the phone.

Intuitive Medium Christine is the name that stands out among all other Psychics in Albany NY. With genuine psychic medium abilities dedicated to helping clients find answers to their most pressing life questions, Intuitive Medium Christine provides personal psychic readings as well as Facetime and Phone psychic readings Loudonville, NY clients count on to find the answers they seek, enabling them to move forward in life on the right path.

So if you want to make sure you're getting trusted help from one of the only Psychics in Albany NY that provides genuine psychic medium services, there's only one name to keep in mind - Intuitive Medium Christine!

To find out more about how Intuitive Medium Christine can help you, please call 518-915-9119, or email us at [email protected] today!

You may also connect with Intuitive Medium Christine via Facebook: Intuitive Medium Christine, Twitter: @mediumchristin6, as well as through her downloadable app in the Apple Store and on Android (Google Play Store) called Intuitive Medium Christine.

Wether your in New York City, California, Florida or half way around the globe, Christine is available for a reading.

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Cohoes Music Hall Special ​

Watch the Video Here

Did you know that the Cohoes Music Hall is haunted? Watch as Christine enters the Hall and looks into the ghost of Eva Tanguay. Eva is still hanging out and looking out from behind the red stage curtains. Eva's presence can be felt at the Hall. Watch news 10 ABC and Fox News on Halloween!