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UBN Radio Debut 3/6/17

So here is my radio debut on UBN Radio March 7, 2017. Every week there will be a new video posted on Tuesday as the show is on Monday nights. Please feel free to call in Monday nights for a free reading, just call 323-524-2599, 8pm eastern standard time!

UBN Radio 3/13/17

Thank you to everyone that called into the show tonight!! Congrats to Jill Foshay Claypool, you are the winner of this weeks 30 minute free reading!

UBN Radio 3/27/17 

UBN Radio 3/20/17

Watch as Christine connects with her callers loved ones. Please call on Monday 8pm easter time!! This is a great episode!!
Thank  you to everyone that called in tonight!  Don't forget to enter the free reading drawing. Remember you must like and share the post in order to be entered!!

UBN Radio 4/3/17

UBN Radio 4/10/17

First week in April radio show!! Catch Christine on Monday nights on or on facebook live for her on air radio show! Christine channels spirit for live callers!! Call in at 8pm eastern time and 5pm in California!
Mercury in retorgrade is the topic of the show and boy oh boy does it show up during this show. We had technical problems and all kids of kooky things! Have fun watching this one!!

UBN Radio 4/2/17

UBN Radio 5/1/17

This is not for the faint of heart! This is Kelly, she is my past life regressionist. In this show she explains how past life regression works. We explain in detail and walk you through how past life regression works. This is a deep video with lots of knowledge and content!! Buckle up for this one!!
This week Christine talks about past life regression and shares her own personal experience. 

Radio/ Facebook Show 5/8/17

Watch as my friend Wendy calls into the show and she demonstarted automatic writing and nailed it!! Check it out!

May 15 Radio Show

Christine welcomes her friend Wendy Yothers on the show! Christine and Wendy explain how the spirit world works  and do readings for their audience.  In this episode you will learn what happens when someone crosses over due to suicide.

June 1st - All About crystals

May 25 Radio Show

Your going to love this show. Christine  has her friend Toni Craft on the show. Toni owns Reiki Rocks and is a crystal expert. Watch as Chris, Toni and John talk about crystals.
This show was done on Thursday May 25, 2017. Not our usual time or day.  We take callers who want to discuss depression and feeling lost. Lots of educational material is this show about mediumship.

July 15, 2017

June 26, 2017
Listen as callers tune in to get answers to questions.  Chris and her co-host John take as many calls as possible and help give answers to callers. 
Christine was LIVE on Saturday doing readings on Facebook Live... check it out.
August 7, 2017 - FaceBook Live Event
Just incase you missed this earlier in the week I did a live Facebook event! Here it is if you missed it! Enjoy!

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