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Do you have questions?? 
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Q.  How do I schedule an appointment?

A.  You can either go to our schedule a reading page or you can call
    518-915-9119 (text or call). 

Q.  What do I bring to my appointment?

A.  Bring yourself and an open mind.  If you have a metal item that belonged to a person that crossed over 

      you can bring it with you.

Q.  What happens if we run out of time.

A.  Anyone that has had a reading with me will tell you that my 
     readings do not end when the timer goes off. The reading ends
     when the message that needs to get to you is delivered. 

Q.  How long does the average reading take?

A.  You cannot do a reading in five minutes. The average reading takes 30-60 minutes. The more 
     questions you have the longer it takes. 

Q.  Are you going to going to tell me anything negative.  

A.  As a medium I will explain the answers in a positive manner. When we see something in the future
      that is not positive, we as mediums give you a "heads up", so that you can avoid the situation. 

Q.  Can I record the session?

A.  Yes, feel free! I suggest that you do, this way you can go back and watch or listen to your session
      in the future.

Q.  What is a medium?

A.  A medium has the ability to manipulate psychic energy or energy systems. Mental mediumship is
     communication of spirits with a medium by telepathy.  A medium is someone that can communicate with those

     that have crossed over. 

Q.  What is a psychic?

A.  A psychic is a person that uses extra sensory perception to identify information hidden from the
      normal senses. A psychics tells you what is going to happen in the future.

Q.  What is an empath?

A.  An empath is someone that is sensitive to the energy and emotions of others.

Q.  How long have you been a psychic/medium/empath?

A.  I have had my gift since I was a very small child.

Q.  How many readings have you done?

A.  Thousands. 

Q.  Do you take credit cards?

A.  Yes, we take credit cards, cash and paypal

Q.  How are you different from other psychics and Mediums?

A.  In order to tell you what is coming up in your life psychics use your Aura and energy to see what is coming.
      I am different because I read you Akashic records, and ask your guides and anyone that has crossed over to show me 
      current and upcoming events.

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